4 Ways Tech is Used in Real Estate

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You may not think “real estate” when you think about modern technology, but several advances are making the lives of homebuyers, sellers and agents a lot easier — not to mention adding peace of mind with added security measures. Here are a few.

1. DronesFitting a small camera onto a helicopter drone lets agents capture aerial images of homes, properties and neighbourhoods to feature in sales listings. Drones can also be useful for checking out things like roof damage without a ladder.
2. Digital Signature PlatformsYears ago, an agent could spend hours driving back and forth to collect buyer and seller signatures on forms. Today, we can toss our pens and manage everything from the office thanks to digital signing platforms. Canadian federal and provincial governments have enacted e-commerce laws that make electronic signatures just as valid as physical signatures. Platforms such as DocuSign let agents securely send documents for clients to authorize with a simple click on a computer or smart phone.
3. Electronic LockboxesSmart lockboxes on homes have several features that can make showing a home more secure. These new boxes allow smart phones to work as keys, which means they also can track who enters and leaves the home. Some boxes can also be programmed to host real-time information about the home and the neighbourhood, which visitors can access using their smart phones.
4. Wireless Video MonitorsSecurity cams help agents (and homeowners) keep an eye on vacant properties without having to physically stop in to check things out. Cameras can provide interior and exterior views, allowing agents and homeowners to monitor everything from maintenance issues, like whether leaves or mail deliveries are piling up on the porch, to basic security such as seeing if someone is parked outside.
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