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If this is your first time buying property, think about your goals, needs, and ultimate dreams



Your lifestyle can have a lot to do with your community. Meaning your proximity to roadways, schools, work, and childcare, entertainment, cultural hotspots, and a whole host of other things can be important to you. Everyone is different. We’ll invest the right amount of time to ensure we completely understand your unique goals and limitations. Then we’ll use our award winning knowledge of the Calgary marketplace to make certain you get the right home for your lifestyle.



Your real estate investments are usually the largest transactions in your life. They often play a pretty influential role in your financial future and security. Our knowledge and experience will ensure you avoid potential risks, pitfalls, and secure your financial interests. Most important you’ll need disciplined expertise to negotiate optimal terms. Our acclaim as first-class negotiators adds up to real dollars and cents, convenience, and key considerations for our clients.

“Helping first time home owners is always an amazing feeling for us. We provide you with top-notch service that properly protects your interests and empowers you so that you get the best start possible. 

Working with us you get to relax and enjoy the excitement and rewards of becoming the owner of your first home, knowing you’re being looked after by one of the most knowledgeable and experienced teams in Calgary.”

– Kevin Thygesen

Have you noticed our friendly offer of coffee yet? We would love to sit down over coffee to go over any questions you may have. No obligations—we are always happy to get together and share some ideas. Our advice is always free and we would love to show you all we do! Call 403 874 4443/403 259 4141 or send us an email.

“A house is more than just a building, more than just an investment, more than the biggest purchase you will ever make. A house is a base of operations, a nest egg, a space for your dreams to take shape, and your accomplishments to come to rest—a house is a home for all that matters.” – Kevin Thygesen

By understanding your specific wants and needs, we can suggest the best strategies to employ.

People ask “Is it more important to like your Realtor or trust their professional abilities?” Both are vital.

  • Remember: a sincere effort is required to genuinely understand you, and care enough to serve your unique needs properly.
  • Meet with a few different Realtors.
  • Bottom Line: hire the Realtor who makes you feel certain they’ll deliver the results you’re looking for.

Financial options may be available to help you get into the market sooner than you think. Consult your mortgage professional to determine what works for you. Examples may include:

  • The RRSP home buyer plan.
  • A loan toward your down payment.

We work with a number of qualified mortgage specialists. Ask us anytime if you would like advice on who can help you best.

  • Mortgage brokers are independent and have access to various lenders to help you secure a great rate with the most favourable terms.
  • You’ll want to be careful, although getting the lowest rate is appealing, it can sometimes come with hidden conditions. Getting the terms properly explained to you and fully understanding the type of mortgage you are signing could save you in payout penalties and allow for a broader range of repayment options.
  • Clarifying the type of mortgage you’re eligible for is crucial. Getting pre-approved only takes a few minutes and secures a rate for you so there are no surprises.


We’ll help make your search and viewings easy using a blend of technology and our battle tested knowledge and experience

  • It’s not usually wise to buy directly from a builder or through a show home without your own representation.
  • Having a trusted professional realtor in your corner will give you peace of mind whether buying from a builder or contemplating a previously owned house. They can also be invaluable for your peace of mind.


When you are ready to write an offer we draft them to better protect your interests.

  • The offer is submitted to the agent repressing the seller.
  • Rest assured that by employing expert negotiation skills we work together to negotiate the best terms and conditions, but most importantly you get your home.
  • After the negotiating is complete and a deal has been signed, a deposit is due as consideration for the deal as part of the purchase contract. These days, deposits are commonly requested in the form of a bank draft or certified cheque.


We have a set amount of time as stated in the contract, to satisfy all conditions like home inspections, financing, etc.

This process involves meeting with your lawyer approximately a week before possession to bring the remainder of your down payment, review the Real Property Report, sign the mortgage paperwork and the transfer of land documents. Funds are exchanged on possession day, the keys will be released to you, and your lawyer will finalize the transfer of land at land titles.

This includes booking moving services and arranging to transfer basic services like your electricity, gas, cable, etc. All moves are stressful and we’ve seen it all, so clients are often delighted at how helpful we can be. Our move-in checklist is sure to be of help.

This is one of the most exciting days in people’s lives, moving into their first home. We look forward to sharing in your joy and helping to ensure a smooth and successful experience.


Buying a home can feel like a daunting process, especially your first time entering the market. Rest assured we’ll help you with anything you need including findingevaluating, and negotiating on your new home. This fast guide of the 10 major steps will help you get started:

Step 1

Identifying Your Wants and Needs

Step 2

The Right Realtor For You

Step 3

Owning a Home Sooner than You Think

Step 4

Contact a Mortgage Broker

Step 5

Finding the Perfect Property

Step 6

Offer, Negotiations, Acceptance, and Deposit

Step 7

Removing Conditions

Step 8

Closing  the Sales

Step 9

Moving Preparations

Step 10

Possession and Moving Day


At anytime throughout the above stages,feel free to contact us for advice on qualified professionals. We’re always happy to refer you to some of our preferred service providers who’ve helped our clients in the past.

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